Just Hold On
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From one holiday to another

Looking forward the holidays was a status of mind-set recently. Weekend was desired in the weekdays and holidays was focused in the working days. From the QingMing to the International Labor Day, I didn’t feel the time. However, when the holidays come, I just want to finish my busy schedule without any constraint. Currently, the schedule is as following:

  • Machine Learning Course: an online course, at the Coursera platform.
  • Reading List: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Big Data(Viktor M.S.) and some other traditional Chinese books, such as Yu Yang Ye Shi, authored by Gao XiaoSong.
  • The English Training.

So, maybe I was tired recently.
However, it doesn’t matter about the thought. Just enjoy my holidays.

I am “Run” & Run in the sky.


The works at the Baidu Inc., as the Research and Develop Engineer, brought me much more experience on the IT industry. I think I would be a profession industrial engineer. The current works, analysis of the rank result of the image search, was nearly to the end. The handling of the big log files and visualization of the result was absolutely new for me. Anyway, I worked out the problem and established the evaluation criteria of the rank strategy. The next period of the work should be focused on the strategy of the ranks.

Study & Learning

This part was just a reminder: remember your goals, iHSU!!!!

  • It’s not easy to get into another field, but you should be holding on!
  • Getting into a grade school of a famous university is not easy as well. However, you should be holding on!

Keep on reading, learning and sharing.

A Conclusion

  • What’s your favorite career?
  • What’s your goals?
    Please remember: Enjoy and Follow your heart.

    Do what i like, like what i do.